You won’t find it on YouTube (a message explains that “licensing and permissions issues” prevent Google’s video site from showing the full event ) but Thursday’s unveiling of Google TV featured a demonstration by Bryan Perez, general manager of NBA Digital, writes FT Media Editor Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson.

A third-party content developer in a tech-heavy line-up at the Google I/O developer conference , Perez showed how fans could use the basketball association’s application on their internet-enabled televisions to see video highlights, check scores and fantasy leagues, browse schedules or save games to their DVRs. Read more

How big is the overlap between the tech geeks salivating over their iPad deliveries and the sports geeks who can tell you Kobe Bryant’s scoring average from the three-point line eight seasons ago?¹ NBA Digital is about to find out.

The joint venture between Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting division and the National Basketball Association has put out an iPad app using real-time data feeds to provide live scores, team and player details and reams of constantly-updated statistics, writes media editor Andrew Edgecliffe-JohnsonRead more