The internet search startup, which went on to resemble a media company with its content services, is becoming all about the hardware these days. Read more

The $3.2bn acquisition of Nest will bring a whole new class of personal data under Google’s control: information about what happens inside your home. So it’s not surprising that privacy questions are already looming large.

In reality, Nest’s privacy policy puts constraints on how the information it collects can be used. But that still appears to leave Google a fair amount of latitude – and it hasn’t ruled out policy changes in future to make even greater use of the data. Read more

In an interview on Monday afternoon, Nest’s co-founder and chief executive Tony Fadell told the FT that he sold the “smart home” company to Google because he wanted to focus on new product innovations, not worry about managing the behind-the-scenes infrastructure that handles all the data generated from its “Learning Thermostat” and “Protect” smoke alarm, and to ensure the company stays ahead of mounting competition. Read more

Nest, one of Silicon Valley’s best-known hardware startups, unveiled the follow-up to its “smart thermostat” on Tuesday: a talking smoke alarm that can send alerts to an app.

The Nest Protect has already received praise for its slick design and imaginative touches, such as motion-sensing nightlights and a woman’s voice to warn more gently of rising smoke than the traditional buzzer. These are not features you often associate with a humble smoke alarm. Read more

The Nest thermostat, designed by iPod creator Tony Fadell, is a fun way to turn your air conditioning system on and off, but it could soon be saving users serious money with its latest deals.

The Silicon Valley company says it is now working with leading US energy providers to reduce energy usage and consumers’ bills through its auto-adjustment of their home’s heating and cooling needs. Read more

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Ten years after Apple launched the iPod, the company’s latest edition of the MP3 player has been synced with better software and prices. Meanwhile, two start-ups populated by Apple alumni are trying to bring a touch of their alma mater’s stylish approach to the humble thermostat and the art of time keeping. As well as reviewing the newest Nano after the jump, we have assessed the state of the MP3 category and taken an interactive shuffle down the iPod’s memory lane.

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Tony Fadell, creator of the original iPod, says he still has every version of the device. He uses them in different places, from the car to the home, and believes that a hardware device devoted purely to music will be around for years.

But Mr Fadell’s latest obsession is a simple thermostat called Nest, which goes on sale this month for $250, only in the US for now. Read more