The leading hard drive makers seem set on reinventing themselves – extending not just their storage capacities but their product lines as well.

Seagate announced Backup Plus, a drive that can also backup media on your social networks, on Monday and it is in the process of acquiring the premium drive maker LaCie.

Now Western Digital is taking on the likes of Linksys and Netgear with a complete lineup of routers it claims will usher in a “new era of blazing fast HD entertainment streaming”. Read more

Wireless technologies have always seemed a black art to me. From Bluetooth to Wi-Fi to 3G, mysterious signal dropouts and connection failures seem to occur at regular intervals. So finding the perfect home Wi-Fi router has been like a search for the Holy Grail, and it hasn’t exactly ended with Cisco’s latest product – the Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual Band N Router. Read more

Netgear is set to announce 11 new products next week, all on the theme of helping consumers move or stream digital content onto their TVs.

A router, switch, media players, powerline technology and various adapters are being officially unveiled on Tuesday by the networking specialist. Read more

“Netgear announces the death of local media storage,” says a press release for the Silicon Valley networking company’s latest products.

So is this something we should mourn, condemn as premature or ask what the heck it is talking about? Read more

While Apple figures out what to do with its languishing Apple TVit quietly dropped its 40Gb model on Monday leaving only the 160Gb version – there are plenty of other contenders scrapping to bring networked content to the big living-room screen.

Among them – FreeAgent Theater+, announced by Seagate today as an improved version of the unit it launched only six months ago.

(This review was first published on September 15 2009) Read more