new technology

By Adam Palin in London


Education technology company 2U appears to have passed its entry exam, with shares up 7 per cent at noon on its Nasdaq debut.


At a share price of $13.91, the Maryland-based company – which develops cloud-based degrees with universities – is valued at $544m. Not a bad start as a listed company for one that has yet to turn a profit.

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The joys of tape - Getty ImagesObsolete technologies such as film never die, they just go back to the lab to reincarnate in a new application.

Films and tapes are rapidly going the way of the dodo: audio tape was wiped out by compact disc, DVD has all but finished the video cassette, and digital cameras are hunting down the last few surviving models that use film. But the businesses that perfected magnetic tape and photographic film are still around – although sometimes in reduced circumstances – and they are busy thinking of new ways to use the stuff. Read more