We look at compact DSLR cameras in the weekly Personal Technology section of the FT’s Business Life:

“The Micro Four Thirds system eliminates the bulky optical pentaprism and mirror that flips out of the way of the sensor when the shutter is pressed on a standard SLR camera, enabling the cameras to be much smaller and yet retain the advanced controls and interchangeable lenses that help define a DSLR.”

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Pico projectors – miniaturised projectors that are the size of a cellphone or can even fit inside a handset -have failed to meet the projections of analysts.

Last year, they predicted 2m-3m units would be shipped in 2009, but it now appears that only around 250,000 units will ship this year.

However, a pickup is expected as the technology improves and consumers are “wowed” by demonstrations of it in more consumer electronics devices. Read more