Digital photography has slashed the cost per image for amateurs like the Taylor family. Not only can we afford to take more pictures, but we can weed out the duds and be far more selective in deciding which images to share online or print out.

But there is one tricky bit – getting the images off the camera’s digital memory card is not always easy, as my wife discovered last week after our youngest daughter’s wedding. Most digital cameras come with a USB or cable so users can download images to a PC. But the Taylor family is surely not alone in never being able to lay our hands on the right cable when we need it. Apparently, it is my fault for having too much technology at home.

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We look at compact DSLR cameras in the weekly Personal Technology section of the FT’s Business Life:

“The Micro Four Thirds system eliminates the bulky optical pentaprism and mirror that flips out of the way of the sensor when the shutter is pressed on a standard SLR camera, enabling the cameras to be much smaller and yet retain the advanced controls and interchangeable lenses that help define a DSLR.”

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