Google has released a few more details on the Chrome operating system, including pricing, and yes, you guessed it – it’s free.

The news is completely expected but still refreshing, compared to the complicated tiered pricing and discounts detailed by Microsoft for Windows 7 last month. Read more

Starting up my Windows PC or laptop usually provides a good excuse to get up and make a cup of tea. It takes that long for the computer to boot, start-up programs to load and internet connections to be established.

We’ve written a lot about the new trend of netbooks and one feature they have popularised – a fast boot-up through a non-Windows operating system. This can be run as an alternative to Windows when users want quick access to email and web browsing. Phoenix’s Hyperspace and DeviceVM’s SplashTop are the best known. Read more

  • After more than 40 years, a first from Intel: the leading semiconductor company announced that it would outsource the manufacturing of some of its chips. The unprecedented agreement with Taiwan’s TSMC shows how Intel is adjusting its manufacturing and business model as the Atom processor starts to play a bigger part in its future. While the US company will still make the low-cost chips for netbook computers itself, it said that TSMC’s relationships with device makers would help the technology find its way into a much wider range of smartphones and other gadgets.

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