Two Silicon Valley companies delivering thousands of entertainment channels over the internet have announced significant funding rounds and milestones for their services.

Roku, whose set-top box delivers more than 700 channels of movies, TV, music, radio and web content, has received $60m in a Series F round, while TuneIn, which gives access to more than 70,000 radio stations, has bagged $25m in Series C funding. Read more

Pioneer is introducing a kind of in-dash iPad – a 6.1in touch-screen device called AppRadio to which an iPhone or iPod touch can be connected in a car. Pioneer had only a few iOS apps to show in a demonstration and unveiling of the product in San Francisco this week, but it expects its new platform to grow rapidly. Read more

The last television I bought combined the richness and clarity of a 21st century high-definition picture with the kind of tinny sound I remember from 1960s transistor radios.
My 50-year mismatch of audio and visual experience may have been extreme, but sound that is as thin as the new, wonderfully slim flat-panel TVs has become a common complaint, now that they are reduced to LED-lit slivers and the speakers inside have been shrunk smaller and flatter. Read more