Toshiba has confined its consumer storage offerings to its Canvio line of portable hard drives and external desktop drives to date, but the Canvio Personal Cloud unveiled on Thursday at the IFA show in Berlin sees the brand breaking out into network-attached storage (NAS) in the home.

The concept is around storing personal files in the “cloud” in the home rather than in a remote data centre that can mean subscription fees and slow uploads and downloads. The Canvio device, in 2Tb or 3Tb internal hard drive sizes, hooks up to a spare ethernet connection on the wireless router in the home to provide both local and remote connectivity. Read more

Cloud Engines has launched a small-business version of its Pogoplug device that makes remote access to files simpler.

In looks, the Pogoplug Biz is the same as the consumer version but lurid pink has been abandoned for a more sober black-and-white colour scheme. Read more

Printing and mobility generally go together like England and success in World Cups, but some results are being achieved through old-fashioned email.

I was impressed that the Los Angeles hotel I stayed at this month would automatically print anything I emailed it from my laptop. Now, Pogoplug owners will have a similar solution if they own HP or Epson printers. Read more

The latest Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section looks at making files accessible through storage devices on your home network:

“Some personal technology dev­ices are deceptively simple and yet solve real issues facing ordinary consumers quickly and easily. Iomega’s iConnect Wireless Data Station is just such a gadget. It provides a simple way to make anything stored on USB storage devices – such as hard disk drives or flash memory sticks – available on a home network, allowing users to share content and access their files anywhere, even over the internet.”

 Read more

The photo and video sharing trend, coupled with the growing use of high-definition video and higher megapixel cameras, means big files and longer upload times for users.

One way to avoid time-consuming transfers is to allow others to view files securely on a local hard-drive at home.

Opera’s Unite, incorporated in its latest browser release last month, turns a home PC into a media server, providing one option.  Another is the latest version of San Francisco-based Cloud Engines’ Pogoplug, unveiled today. Read more

It gets harder trying to spot the next big thing, especially when you can’t see the start-ups for the upstarts among the hundreds of pitches being made at TechCrunch50 this week.

In the end, the judges of this tech jamboree of new ideas in search of funding chose RedBeacon – a local service started by former Google employees to hook up plumbers and painters with customers – as winner of the $50,000 top prize. Read more