Sony’s launch of the PSPgo and its Minis store today will inevitably invoke comparisons with Apple’s iPod touch and the App Store.

But Sony and Nintendo’s handheld consoles will also be competing with forthcoming Android-based smartphones, where the next version of the Google OS will focus on improving 3D gaming performance, as well as from new Windows Mobile devices.

Leading iPhone game publisher Gameloft has 11 titles ready for the launch next week of Skymarket, the Windows Mobile “App Store”.  An interview after the jump with Gonzague de Vallois, Gameloft’s head of publishing, on the challenge facing Sony and Nintendo. Read more

The fun and games could not wait for E3 to start this year, with Sony blundering at the weekend with a leak of its big announcement, while a hot new game emerged through Twitter that will not even figure at the  big LA trade show.

Sony gave the game away on its new PSP Go handheld console when someone made the mistake of releasing a video and interview ahead of time on the PlayStation 3′s magazine programme – Qore. Read more