Einstein said it should speak peace unto nations, Goebbels made sure it spoke war, but radio had little say at all at Berlin’s International Radio Show (IFA) this past week.

3D TVs, smartphones, tablets and cameras dominated, but I was still able to track down some rare wireless specimens for the Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section. Read more

The International Radio Show (IFA) in Berlin is a misnomer these days, considering it now bills itself as the world’s biggest consumer electronics show and is stuffed with 3D TVs, home appliances, digital cameras and computers.

Radios are an endangered species at a show they monopolised when it first opened in 1924 as the Great German Radio Exhibition. But there were still a handful on display as I found out researching my first Personal Technology column for Business Life. Details of the “best in show” after the jump. Read more

Pure, the market leader in internet radios in the UK, has just announced its British invasion of the US will begin with the launch of three models on July 1.

The subsidiary of chipmaker Imagination Technologies, in which Apple and Intel have a combined 27 per cent stake, gave me the US version of its Evoke Flow model to try out and its performance and features suggest Pure can give established players Logitech, Roku, Livio and Grace a run for their money in America. Read more