Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman, partner at Greylock, founder of LinkedIn and an early Facebook investor, is still “bullish” on the world’s biggest social network – but even he wouldn’t buy Facebook shares right now. Read more

Would you trust this man with your money?

If you are thinking of buying shares in the LinkedIn IPO, the answer had better be “Yes”. Reid Hoffman owns a fifth of the social network for professionals. But the little-noticed effect of the company’s unusual share structure is that his control is likely to keep going up… and up… Read more

Twitter and LinkedIn will start letting users sync their accounts starting Tuesday, allowing posts from LinkedIn to appear in Twitter streams, and vice versa. It’s a move aimed at the growing base of business users who take advantage of social networking sites.

LinkedIn, with more than 50m members, is the largest professional network on the web. Twitter, meanwhile, has become a favourite social site for brands, marketers and self promoters (not to mention idle worker bees).

The partnership makes a good bit of sense, and could prove useful. Read more