Seagate Technology

The leading hard drive makers seem set on reinventing themselves – extending not just their storage capacities but their product lines as well.

Seagate announced Backup Plus, a drive that can also backup media on your social networks, on Monday and it is in the process of acquiring the premium drive maker LaCie.

Now Western Digital is taking on the likes of Linksys and Netgear with a complete lineup of routers it claims will usher in a “new era of blazing fast HD entertainment streaming”. Read more

Cloud Engines has launched a small-business version of its Pogoplug device that makes remote access to files simpler.

In looks, the Pogoplug Biz is the same as the consumer version but lurid pink has been abandoned for a more sober black-and-white colour scheme. Read more

With Google TV coming to screens near you in the autumn, internet-enabled television is set to attract a lot  of eyeballs.

For those that cannot wait for the Google/Sony/Logitech/Intel product, there are already plenty of set-top box options for streaming movies and adding internet content channels to your TV. We explore some of these in the Personal Technology column in Friday’s Business Life section of the FT. Read more

External hard drives have traditionally trailed internals ones in their capacities, but Seagate has well and truly flipped that notion by announcing the world’s first 3-terabyte external desktop drive.

Drives have reached such unimagined capacities that it now makes sense to put a tera-drive outside a computer rather than inside, due to PC software being unable to recognise the extra space available. Read more

Seagate Technology and Western Digital are two Californian companies that dominate the global hard drive market and are in constant, close competition with one another.

Western Digital overtook Seagate in the first three months of 2010 in hard drive shipments for the very first time on a quarterly basis, according to a recent iSuppli report. On Wednesday, it unveiled its latest attempt to challenge it in the media player category, with the WD TV Live Plus HD. Read more

UPDATED - with Roku Netflix announcement.

Netflix has made its official movie debut on a media player device with the launch of Seagate’s GoFlex TV HD media player on Tuesday.

The player is part of a complete refresh of Seagate’s FreeAgent Go line of products, which Paul Taylor will look at in depth in his Friday personal technology column. Read more

Bill Watkins, the former Seagate Technology chief executive, has chosen the lighting industry for his return to the CEO’s role.

Mr Watkins will lead Silicon Valley startup Bridgelux, which is driving down the cost and increasing the luminescence of LEDs with its technology.

“It’s the best thing I’ve come across in decades, this is how we felt about storage back in 1980, this is a $100bn market for general lighting,” he told me. Read more

Seagate, the world’s leading hard disk drive (HDD) maker, has finally introduced its first solid-state drive (SSD) in the shape of the 2.5-inch Pulsar unit.

Seagate is late to the game on SSDs – a potential threat to its traditional business – and its  first product will be aimed at the enterprise rather than consumer market. Read more

The photo and video sharing trend, coupled with the growing use of high-definition video and higher megapixel cameras, means big files and longer upload times for users.

One way to avoid time-consuming transfers is to allow others to view files securely on a local hard-drive at home.

Opera’s Unite, incorporated in its latest browser release last month, turns a home PC into a media server, providing one option.  Another is the latest version of San Francisco-based Cloud Engines’ Pogoplug, unveiled today. Read more

It gets harder trying to spot the next big thing, especially when you can’t see the start-ups for the upstarts among the hundreds of pitches being made at TechCrunch50 this week.

In the end, the judges of this tech jamboree of new ideas in search of funding chose RedBeacon – a local service started by former Google employees to hook up plumbers and painters with customers – as winner of the $50,000 top prize. Read more

  • Apple‘s new iPhone 3G S, which costs an unsubsidised $599 to buy in the 16Gb version, costs only $179 to make, according to iSuppli. The research firm took the phone apart to price its parts and found Toshiba provided the most expensive component – the flash memory at $24.
  • Google unveiled a public trial of a key piece of its mobile internet strategy - an extension of the AdSense network to mobile app developers. Developers will be able to include adverts in their apps targeted by keyword, demographics and location. This potentially gives developers access to the entire base of AdSense advertisers, posing a big challenge to specialist mobile ad networks like AdMobs.
  • Seagate Technology, which has cut jobs and salaries and restructured to combat slumping hard-drive sales, may have turned a corner. In a trading update, it raised its sales expectations for the current quarter to between $2.2bn and $2.3bn and predicted the industry would sell 120m hard drives, compared to its earlier estimate of 114m.

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