The Slingbox 500 costs $300

When Dish Network bought Sling Media five years ago, I feared the worst for Slingbox, a remote TV viewing device on which I had come to depend.

I saw the technology being incorporated into the satellite TV service’s DVRs, which has happened to some extent, while the standalone boxes would slowly be allowed to fade away.

The signs have not been good in recent years, with no new consumer hardware since the Pro HD in 2008 and I’ve found little improvement in the video streaming software, with services such as HBOGo, WatchESPN and the BBC iPlayer offering me better quality video of late than my Slingbox’s relaying of my TV source at home. Read more

Slingplayer has come to my rescue more than once during the current World Cup, relaying games live to my mobile device when travelling.

A beta version for Android on my HTC Evo has taken the experience to the next level – providing better controls and a great picture on the phone’s large 4.3-inch screen. Read more

Seagate’s FreeAgent Theater media player, announced at CES and now available, seems almost a retro concept for getting digital media files playing in the living room, given all the talk this year of bringing the internet to the TV.

But if you have still failed to grasp the DLNA standard, have ever struggled to set up a Wi-Fi connection to a set-top box or television or endured the frustration of seeing your streaming picture steadily deteriorate and freeze, the FreeAgent Theater is something of a hassle-free charmer. Read more