After the success of last year’s wireless Play:3 speaker system , Sonos has brought out an addition to its music-player family: the Sub (pictured left, in black), writes Jeremy White.

Those familiar with Sonos will probably agree that its Play:3 speakers push out serious room-filling sounds and link with other units in range to offer up a home hi-fi network that’s refreshingly easy to set up. Read more

Sonos is rebranding its wireless music system and introducing a smaller, more affordable speaker as it reaches out to mass-market consumers and emerging markets.

The Southern California company has announced the Play:3, a $300 speaker, and cut the price of its ZoneBridge (rebranded as Bridge) wireless transmitter from $99 to $49. Read more

Sonos, maker of wireless multi-room music systems that most people can’t afford,  now has a one-room option that may seem a bargain to iPhone and iPod touch users.

The Zoneplayer S5, available worldwide from today, costs $400 in the US and can be controlled by a free app available for the Apple devices.

(** This review was originally published on November 10 2009) Read more