While many will be queuing at cinemas for a look at Avatar on Friday through RealD’s 3D glasses, the same experience is not that far away on living room TVs.

Los Angeles-based RealD, whose technology is the most widely used for 3D in the cinema, announced a partnership with Sony today that will bring it to Bravia LCD TVs next year. Read more

A year after its launch, Sony has announced its Home virtual world, accessed through the PlayStation 3, has reached the 10m user mark.

The console maker is also introducing its first massively-multiplayer online (MMO) game within Home today, which it describes as a unique social gaming experience.

It certainly represents Sony leveraging the PS3′s superior technology – Microsoft’s Xbox and Xbox Live service and the Nintendo Wii do not have the capabilities to tackle online games and environments of this level of sophistication. Read more

You may be only aware of Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader, but there are now more than 45 e-reader models available worldwide, according to E Ink, the dominant technology provider for their displays.

More are expected in the coming year, including ones with smaller, pocketable displays, colour and different ways of producing the paper-like screens, the Emerging Display Technologies Conference in Silicon Valley heard this week.

(This post was first published on September 5 2009) Read more

A new e-reader entrant is pitching itself as cheaper, lighter and more open than Amazon’s Kindle or Sony’s Reader, and with a larger selection of titles.

The Cool-er is the brainchild of Neil Jones, an avid reader and entrepreneur, whose company is based, appropriately, in Reading, in the UK.

(This review was first posted on May 14 2009) Read more

Sony lost the portable media player battle to Apple and the iPod some time ago, but its latest Walkman, launched in the US on Wednesday, does suggest the Japanese company can still occupy a significant niche.

The X-Series Walkman does not try to match the App-tastic iPhone and iPod touch, apart from one significant US-only application, but instead attacks the audio and video Achilles’ heel of those devices.

(This review was originally published on May 14 2009) Read more

Just as Amazon’s Kindle is going all gangbusters at the start of the holiday season, the launch of perhaps its most-formidable rival is getting off to a rocky start.

The Nook, an e-reader from bookseller giant Barnes & Noble, was hailed as an improvement on the Kindle when it was unveiled in October. It supports the open Epub file format, and has a colour, touch-screen navigation interface in addition to an E-Ink screen.

But Barnes & Noble looks to have been blindsided by high demand for the Nook. A week before Thanksgiving the company said the Nook would be sold-out through the holidays.

Now comes news that while shipments will begin today, as scheduled, the Nook will not be available in Barnes & Noble stores until December 7Read more

Sony appears to have been surprised by demand for its new Reader Daily Edition and may not be able to satisfy orders in time for Christmas.

Pre-sale orders opened today for the eReader and Sony is expected to announce newspaper and magazine content partners in about three weeks’ time. But Steve Haber, president of its digital reading division, told us Sony could not guarantee delivery by Christmas to those ordering early. Read more

Sony’s launch of the PSPgo and its Minis store today will inevitably invoke comparisons with Apple’s iPod touch and the App Store.

But Sony and Nintendo’s handheld consoles will also be competing with forthcoming Android-based smartphones, where the next version of the Google OS will focus on improving 3D gaming performance, as well as from new Windows Mobile devices.

Leading iPhone game publisher Gameloft has 11 titles ready for the launch next week of Skymarket, the Windows Mobile “App Store”.  An interview after the jump with Gonzague de Vallois, Gameloft’s head of publishing, on the challenge facing Sony and Nintendo. Read more

Sony’s e-book reader may have been put in the shade by the Amazon Kindle, but the consumer electronics giant is planning a superhero-style comeback in the comics genre.

At a San Francisco event on Thursday night, Sony showed off its new handheld PSPgo console, launching on October 1, some forthcoming downloadable “Mini” games and its Digital Comics, an addictive new service for the PSP coming in  December. Read more

Sony PS3The first data are starting to appear on sales of Sony’s revamped Playstation 3 “Slim” since price cuts went into effect at the start of September. The data are good. The question is whether they are good enough.

In Japan, research company Enterbrain says that Sony sold 150,252 PS3 Slims in the four days between its launch on September 3 and September 6. That is the highest weekly sales number Sony has recorded for the PS3 since its launch in 2006 and also compares well with products past, such as the 170,779 units of Nintendo’s DSi handheld console sold during its first two days in the shops last autumn. Read more

Sony has changed the dimensions of its PlayStation 3 console and the dynamics of the current generation console wars with the introduction of the PS3 “Slim” from September 1 at $299 in the US.

Sony gave me a quick tour of the new console in San Francisco on Wednesday. Take a look at the smaller, lighter, less shiny PS3 in a video after the jump. Read more

The US video game industry, which appeared to be riding out the recession last year, had the horse shot from under it in the first half of 2009.

The June sales figures released by the NPD research firm on Thursday night showed the fourth consecutive month of year-over-year declines. June’s 31 per cent drop was the greatest year-over-year monthly fall since September 2000, when the industry declined 41 per cent. Read more

Nintendo’s flagship summer title, Wii Sports Resort, has got off to a strong start since its launch in Japan last Thursday June 25th.

According to figures from publisher Enterbrain in its Famitsu magazine, Wii Sports Resort sold 353,827 copies in its first four days on sale. That makes it the third most successful launch in the history of the Wii in Japan. Read more

Sony tried to breathe new life into its Blu-ray format on Thursday, just as a new poll suggested interest in its high-definition disk was waning among US consumers.

At a San Francisco event, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment told us it was launching what it believed was its first “killer app” using the internet-connected BD-Live features of the standard. Read more

Sony's 11

In May 2008, chairman and chief executive Sir Howard Stringer said that, within the next twelve months, Sony would launch a 27″ television based on OLED – organic light emitting diode – technology.

More than twelve months later, with no 27″ version released and Sony showing only 21″ prototypes, it’s time to ask what happened. Read more

Nintendo tried and rejected the motion-sensing camera technology that Microsoft and Sony are now adopting to try to catch up with their rival in the home console market.

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president, told the FT’s Robin Harding that Nintendo obtained better results from the accelerometer that was eventually incorporated into its Wii Remote handheld controller. Read more

  • Intel paid $884m in cash for Wind River Systems, a software company that should help the chipmaker’s push into new markets. Wind River, based in the San Francisco Bay area, represents Intel’s biggest acquisition in the four-year tenure of Paul Otellini as chief executive.
  • Data Domain said it would evaluate EMC‘s all cash $30 a share offer, a day after saying it had agreed to an offer of $30 in cash and stock from NetApp. The unusual reversal signaled potential discord within Data Domain’s management. EMC has significantly more free cash than NetApp, and is well-positioned to win the bidding war.

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So a new console race is in motion. Literally.

The theme of this week’s E3 video game show in Los Angeles has become motion-sensing controllers, with Microsoft and then Nintendo and Sony all demonstrating new products.

Microsoft unveiled Project Natal – a camera, sensor and microphone array. Nintendo demonstrated the  MotionPlus – a more sensitive controller for the Wii. Sony showed off something that combined its Eye camera with a wand-like device. Read more

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The fun and games could not wait for E3 to start this year, with Sony blundering at the weekend with a leak of its big announcement, while a hot new game emerged through Twitter that will not even figure at the  big LA trade show.

Sony gave the game away on its new PSP Go handheld console when someone made the mistake of releasing a video and interview ahead of time on the PlayStation 3′s magazine programme – Qore. Read more