Richard Waters

Jack Dorsey, the creative talent behind Twitter, has clearly taken a leaf from Steve Jobs’ playbook. But revolutionising in-store payments will be a lot harder than persuading people to pay for digital music. Read more

David Gelles

Square, the much-hyped mobile credit card processing system created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has a big problem: it doesn’t work with the iPhone4.

In a blog post buried deep in the support section of Square’s website, the company acknowledges that the Square card reader interferes with the already problematic iPhone4 antenna.

“This renders our card readers inactive for your iPhone4,” the company wrote on October 9. “We are working on redesigning our card readers and will be contacting our iPhone4 users as soon as they are ready for shipment.”

Update: Square has clearly been scrambling for a fix for awhile now. The day after this post was published,  they emailed to say that, “As of today, we have shipped new card readers to to active users who are accessing Square via an iPhone 4.” Read more

Chris Nuttall

Serial entrepreneur Jack Dorsey is pointing out the origins of his new start-up, Square, as he stands in the middle of its new office space inside the San Francisco Chronicle building.

It is move-in day in a section of the newspaper’s emptying headquarters that now has to be sub-let. The Chronicle, founded in 1865, has seen its staff and circulation shrink by more than a quarter in the past three years as people turn to the internet for their news. Read more

Chris Nuttall

Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter, has moved from simplified blogging to a simplified payments side-project,  with the launch of the start-up, Square.

In typical Twitter style, Dorsey announced the company with a tweet rather than a press release today:

“Announcing our new company, called @Square, which I’m thrilled to be a part of: http://squareup.com,” he wrote, in 99 characters. Read more