Samsung began the most serious challenge to Apple and the iPad when it unveiled the first in its Galaxy Tab series at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin a year ago.

It looks set to raise its game further back here in Berlin this week, where the Korean company, Sony and Toshiba, among others, are showing off new tablet formats to take on the iPad at their 2011 IFA press conferences. Read more

The trend of employees wanting to bring their better-looking and feature-rich consumer devices into the workplace has provoked a reaction from those supplying the safe but staid business laptops we know and suffer. Faced with competition from tablets and ultra-slim notebooks, such as the iPad 2, MacBook Air, Samsung Series 9 and Sony Vaio Z, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba have produced ultraportable notebooks with extra style and consumer features – the subject of this week’s Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section. Read more

Desktop PCs with two monitors are becoming a common sight, but laptops with two screens…? Not unless you’re seeing double. That could change with devices like Toshiba’s Mobile Monitor, which the Japanese company has shown for the first time along with a new range of high-performance business laptops. Read more

And we’re off… as the clock struck midnight in Las Vegas for the beginning of CES week, Toshiba unveiled the first of many tablet devices expected to be shown at the Consumer Electronics show.

The Toshiba Tablet is the first aimed at the US market by Toshiba and looks an advance on the Folio tablet it introduced in Europe towards the end of last year, which I saw unveiled at the IFA show in Berlin. Read more

Given how much consumers seem to resent donning a pair of glasses to enjoy 3D content on televisions screens, manufacturers around the world are working hard towards the day when special eyewear is no longer needed.

That day just got closer with Taiwan’s AU Optronics, one of the world’s biggest flat-panel producers, announcing on Wednesday a glasses-less, all-angle viewing 3D panels. Read more

Rivals to the iPad will come in similar shapes but all screen sizes, judging by the launches here in Berlin on Thursday of tablets from Samsung and Toshiba (pictured).

The competition is also packing its cheaper devices with features the iPad may not have for some time, such as cameras with video calling. Read more

It seems you can have it all with laptops these days – thin and light notebooks that are equally light on the wallet and offer long battery life as well.

In this week’s Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section, we look at the new, more affordable Portégé range from Toshiba and how it shapes up against offerings from Apple, Dell and Lenovo. Read more

Until recently, most of the Taylor family’s digital photo frames (DPFs) were gathering dust because we had unplugged them. We had bought a clutch of these first-generation devices for displaying digital photos but found the screens disappointingly small and low-resolution, and the limited internal storage capacities allowed only a few dozen images to be displayed.

But digital photo frames have become cheaper and evolved quickly to add features that include: slots for extra memory cards, which make it easier to load photos; Wi-Fi networking capabilities, so content can be added via a home network; and the ability to refresh content over the internet, so friends and family can add photos, and images can be downloaded from web-based services. Read more