HP is extending its platform for touch-enabled computing with the release of its fourth-generation TouchSmart software and the launch of an Apps Center for free and subscription-based applications.

Owners of its TouchSmart all-in-one PCs will be able to get the upgrade later this year and it is installed on a new version of its TouchSmart PC, the 310, available on Wednesday in the US. Read more

Apple has done more than any company to promote touch as a way of interacting with devices, but Microsoft showed on Tuesday it could go literally above and beyond the screen in future displays.

In a keynote speech at the Society for Information Display’s SID 2010 annual conference in Seattle, Steve Bathiche, research director in Microsoft’s Applied Sciences group, showed not only the usual futuristic concept video of screens appearing on every surface, but also previewed some working demonstrations of its new technology for the first time. Read more

Touch is becoming a common feature on netbooks, with HP launching its first touch-enabled netbook  a day after Lenovo announced its own entry  at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The HP Mini 5102 has a capacitive touchscreen option , like the iPhone’s, but it may be a little used feature at first , with few applications able to take advantage of the display’s capabilities. Read more

HP has launched a new PC lineup, ranging from laptops with innovative drains, aimed at preventing ruinous keyboard spills, to enhanced versions of its TouchSmart all-in-one PCs.

At a sneak preview of the new machines in San Francisco,  HP demonstrated an impressive guttering system underneath a laptop keyboard. Read more

Which Silicon Valley phone to buy this summer? The new Palm Pre with its scintillating operating system and clever design, or the old iPhone with an updated OS containing features it should have had in the first place?

That may be too simple a comparison. How about making it a choice between a phone with few exciting applications from third-party developers to one with more than 25,000 apps and games to choose from, many enabled with a new sophistication? Read more

Ge Wang plays his OcarinaApart from a controversial keynote on Tuesday, this year’s Macworld show in San Francisco is likely to be a celebration of all things app-related.

The App Store for iPhone and iPod touch games and applications was a major success story for Apple in 2008, with more than 10,000 added since its mid-year launch and more than 300m downloads recorded. Read more