Who would buy a struggling video website, bogged down by lawsuits, when YouTube, Hulu and the BBC iPlayer seem to have the market sewn up?

Qlipso would, apparently, for the Israeli site has bought Veoh‘s assets after the latter filed for bankruptcy in February. One person with knowledge of the deal put the price at less than $20m – well south of the $70m investors including Goldman Sachs, Spark Capital and Intel Capital had pumped into Veoh. Read more

  • Silicon Graphics finally passed on to the Great Valley in the Sky. The former star workstation maker long ago became the symbol for how old tech companies never die, they just linger. No longer: SGI filed for bankruptcy and sold itself to Rackable Systems for $25m.
  • As we reported at the weekend, and News Corp has now confirmed, former AOL boss Jonathan Miller is the new top digital executive of a domain that includes MySpace and News’ stake in Hulu. Miller’s name had also been in the frame recently as a potential head of Yahoo, as well as Microsoft’s online division.

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