Vizio, the TV maker that shook up the US market, is aiming to do the same to the PC industry with the unveiling of a line of notebooks and all-in-one PCs at the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

The California company, which has been swapping the sales top-spot with Samsung in the US LCD TV market,  says the largest product launch in its history will challenge the “sleepy giants” of the PC world in the same way it took on Samsung, Sony and other TV players. Read more

Vizio, the leading LCD TV brand in the US, is working with Google to promote 3D apps for its televisions as it switches to Android from supporting Yahoo’s Connected TV technology. Vizio is also announcing plans to break out from televisions and launch a smartphone and a tablet device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Read more

Getting to know Google TV involves familiarisation with 80 buttons on Sony’s remote control, compared to just three on the recently launched Apple TV.

The extra 77 buttons, plus function-key combinations, sum up how, in trying to combine a full web experience with regular television, Google and its partners have added a complexity that may intimidate many consumers.

I reviewed Sony and Logitech’s Google TV units in the Personal Technology column in Friday’s FT Business Life section and compared them with rival systems. An extended breakdown of how Google TV shapes up against the competition is after the jump. Read more

In the Great Depression, people went to the movies to lighten their mood. In the recession of 2009, they bought a flat-screen TV.

It was a smaller one than they would have liked, but it was cheaper and they could still watch movies, sports and Desperate Housewives in high definition.

This led to sales of 211m TVs globally in 2009, defying all predictions at its outset, according to year-end reports from the DisplaySearch and iSuppli research firms. Read more