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Chris Garidis

Chris Garidis, 32, one of the pioneers of the FT’s award-winning mobile apps, product manager, squash player, wannabe surfer, and proud father, died on Monday, February 24th in Barcelona, Spain. Chris worked in London but lived in Bath with his wife, Aimi and their 18-month-old daughter Alice.

Chris was an explorer at heart. From cycling into work everyday no matter what the weather, to trekking in Thailand, to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to propose to his girlfriend (now wife) – he was always looking for fresh adventures. Read more

If Apple was hoping to earn a slice of all the transactions that take place on its devices, it had better think again. Wednesday’s launch of browser-based apps for Amazon’s Kindle and Walmart’s Vudu services are the biggest shots yet across the bow of Apple’s App Store. Read more