Wi-Fi Direct

It’s not every day that a technology launches with a confident forecast that its name will be on more than 1bn devices within the next four years, but that’s the case with Miracast, whose certification programme is announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance on Wednesday.

What is it? Miracast-certified devices can transmit video content to each other over Wi-Fi.

Sounds familiar? Yes, Apple’s AirPlay does something very similar as does Intel’s WiDi and Miracast builds on the Wi-Fi Alliance’s own Wi-Fi Direct standard. It’s a rebranding of what was previously talked about as Wi-Fi Display and a sign that companies have finally settled on a common standard. Read more

TVs, Ultrabooks and smartphones may have grabbed the headlines at the Consumer Electronics Show this past week, but there was a quieter wireless revolution also taking place that is set to provide important connectivity benefits for all our devices this year.

2012 could be the year of 5G – the 5th-generation of Wi-Fi - along with the maturity of a number of other wireless and wired technologies that will provide a major leap in speeds and easier ways to transfer video and other content from device to device. Read more

Want to make your Wi-Fi more private, much faster and better at sending media from device to device? Well, a trio of announcements on Tuesday should add up to such improvements.

First, Google has introduced a simple solution to prevent your personal Wi-Fi hotspot being included in the database it compiles for location services. Read more

Consumers will soon be spoilt for – and confused by – choice in the number of ways they can move video wirelessly from one device to another.

Apple, Google, Intel and a host of lesser known companies are pushing their own technologies for this, which is why the first products signalling a unified approach, announced today by the Wi-Fi Alliance with its Wi-Fi Direct, are welcome. Read more