Wimm Labs

Time has been ticking for Wimm Labs to get its watch-like Android device to consumers in time for the holiday season. Its release to developers on Wednesday, two months later than planned, suggests it won’t be making any Christmas lists.

Nevertheless, after testing it, the Wimm One seems not far off a finished product to me and the potential is there for third-party “micro apps” to give it much more appeal. Read more

ipod family BIZ LIFE

Ten years after Apple launched the iPod, the company’s latest edition of the MP3 player has been synced with better software and prices. Meanwhile, two start-ups populated by Apple alumni are trying to bring a touch of their alma mater’s stylish approach to the humble thermostat and the art of time keeping. As well as reviewing the newest Nano after the jump, we have assessed the state of the MP3 category and taken an interactive shuffle down the iPod’s memory lane.

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In the decades since Dick Tracy got his own wristwatch radio in a cartoon strip, many technology companies have tried and failed to produce a successful wristwatch gadget in real life. Wimm Labs, a Silicon Valley startup backed by Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn, is the latest to come up with a wearable device, insisting its own timepiece tells us the wristwatch gizmo’s time has come. Read more