Dadi Perlmutter, executive vice president of the Intel Architecture group, used a curious turn of phrase during his presentation at Computex on Tuesday when describing Intel’s role in the future world of computing.
Besides highlighting Intel’s traditional strengths in designing and manufacturing advanced processors, Mr Perlmutter (pictured) said Intel sought to be the “port of choice” for various operating environments. Read more

After seeing gains for 12 trading days in a row, Nasdaq investors were due for a wake-up call. The news from the tech sector during this earnings season has been less dire than feared, but that doesn’t mean the recovery is here yet.

Microsoft duly brought things down to earth on Thursday. What was most striking in its weak second quarter results was a 29 per cent slump in revenues from the Windows client business. Didn’t Intel just report a snap-back in the PC business as manufacturers corrected for their earlier aggressive inventory reductions – and didn’t Microsoft itself say that sales of PCs to end-customers only fell by 5-7 per cent in the latest quarter? Read more

Conspiracy theorists will no doubt find plenty to read into the timing of Microsoft’s announcement today of a shake-up in the leadership of its Windows division.

There was Google’s attention-grabbing announcement of an operating system to rival Windows, for a start. Perhaps this was enough to galvanise Microsoft into action – or at least provided a big enough diversion for the software company to slip through a reorganisation without attracting too much attention?

Then there is the pending launch of Windows 7. Is it a bad sign when the man responsible for marketing the company’s biggest product moves on, little more than three months before such an important launch?

The reality, though, looks far more prosaic. Read more

  • Indian police filed formal charges against former Satyam chairman B. Ramalinga Raju, two of his brothers, two Price Waterhouse auditors and four others, in a widening of the probe into the outsourcing giant’s alleged fraud. Meanwhile, four parties emerged as serious bidders for what’s left of Satyam, set to be auctioned off on Monday.
  • The Australian government is set to invest $31bn in the construction of a national broadband network. The eight-year project is expected to create 37,000 jobs, and will amount to the nation’s largest-ever infrastructure project.

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  • Microsoft filed a suit of its own, alleging that in-car navigation system maker Tom Tom is violating eight of its patents, including three relating to Tom Tom’s use of open-source operating system Linux. This is believed to be the first time Microsoft has filed suit over Linux, which it has repeatedly said violates its patents.

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