A year after launching its “awesomely spectacular” four-core Xeon 5500 server processor, Intel is coming out with its six-core successor, the 5600.

Its debut today represents the beginning of a new battle with Advanced Micro Devices over “volume servers” – a key market segment where the bulk of server chips are sold for systems that run applications and processes in data centres and company IT departments. Read more

Pat Gelsinger tagged his Monday blog post “awesome”, although he was probably referring to the Xeon 5500 server processor, formerly known as Nehalem, rather than his own prose.

The head of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group also used the word “spectacular” several times during his presentation at the launch of the 5500 at Intel headquarters. It was Intel’s best ever piece of engineering, he said, and the most important server product since the Pentium Pro in 1995. Read more