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Google is preparing a launch in the next two weeks of a music-download store that would work closely with its Google+ social network, according to The Wall Street Journal. The music service would recommend songs in an online library to Google+ contacts, who in turn would be allowed to listen to those songs once for free, two people close to the service told the WSJ. Read more

Tech news from around the web:

Twitter is now worth ‘an even $8bn’, chief executive Dick Costolo told the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, Business Insider reports. The company recently raised $800m across a two-part round of funding.

Reliance Industries is looking to start rolling out 4G services in India as early as the beginning of next year and reach countrywide deployment by mid-2012, India’s Economic Times says. The company has also started talks with media and entertainment companies to acquire content for its wireless broadband offerings. Read more

Ebay chief executive John Donahoe said the Chinese government  won’t let foreign-owned  internet companies win in that country, but added PayPal will nonetheless bend to fit new rules and stay in the market. Read more

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Research by Barclays has found that the Amazon’s Kindle E-readers will outsell the full-colour Kindle Fire in 2012, PaidContent reports. Barclays estimates that Amazon will sell 15.3m Kindle Fire tablets and 23.5m Kindle e-readers next year. Read more

A leading US online media and communications firm owned and controlled from mainland China?

That spectre was raised on Friday by Jack Ma, head of Alibaba, as he announced his interest in buying Yahoo. After all the angst caused by US internet companies venturing into China in recent years, his declaration raises the possibility of an interesting reversal. Read more

Yahoo’s investment bank is “fielding inquiries from multiple parties” about various options that could include a sale of all or some of the company, according to an all-hands email sent Friday by Yahoo’s founders and chairman. Read more

Yahoo which is expected to lose its US display-advertising leadership this year to fast-growing Facebook, is trying to shore up its position by striking a mutual selling agreement with rivals Microsoft and AOL. Read more

The sacking of Carol Bartz last week made theatre of the most superior kind. Watching the former chief executive of Yahoo go down spitting obscenities was exhilarating in an immediate sort of way, but it also confirmed at least four of my most deeply held prejudices about life, work and language.

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Being fired is never easy, especially if it happens over the phone. When Carol Bartz, chief executive of Yahoo, announced that she was let go, many pondered the future of one the earliest Internet companies. Others applauded Bartz for her honesty and some advised Yahoo to sell itself. Read more

Following through on its pledge earlier this week to weigh new strategic options even as it looks for a new chief executive, Yahoo and its bankers are already fielding inquiries. Read more

Mashable has seen a copy of the e-mail former Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz sent to the company’s staff confirming her exit from the company:

To all, Read more

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Facebook is building a photo-sharing app, TechCrunch reports. TechCrunch has leaked screenshots and documents about the upcoming iPhone app from Facebook. Read more

Alibaba Group chief executive Jack Ma said on Wednesday that he expected his fight with the company’s largest shareholders, Yahoo and Softbank, would end with an amicable resolution despite what he said were complex “peace talks.” Read more

Yahoo executives meeting with investors and analysts on Wednesday did what they could to assuage concerns about the company’s minority investments in China and Japan before moving on to the  sunnier topics of a surge in display advertising and the big potential for video. Read more

An unscientific survey of employees at major US technology companies found that only 50 per cent of Yahoo workers approved of chief executive Carol Bartz’ leadership during the past year, down from 77 per cent as she got started. Read more

Yahoo on Wednesday began rolling out improvements to its core search function that produce results–not just links–on popular subjects much faster than before. Read more

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  • Apple has changed its inventory management policy for iPad 2 deliveries, Apple Insider reports. The company’s retail outlets are now holding on to new shipments until the next day rather than selling them on the same day in an effort to ease the sales process for both customers and employees.

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  • Yahoo has unveiled Livestand, a digital newsstand that personalises content to reader’s interests.
  • The Wall St. Journal reports that both Facebook and Google have had talks with Twitter about acquiring the micro-blogging service.

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  • Yahoo is looking to allow users to create new accounts using their Google and Facebook identities, reports TechCrunch. This follows a successful trial on Flickr last year, where after Google credentials were allowed to be used, the site saw a 20 per cent increase in sign-ups.
  • The Seattle Times says that Starbucks is to expand its “pay-by-phone” program to 6,800 of its US stores, plus more than 1,000 outlets inside Target outlets, following a trial in Seattle. The coffee company’s cardholders load an application onto their iPhone or BlackBerry smartphones which then displays a barcode that’s scanned at the register to pay for drinks.

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Vizio, the leading LCD TV brand in the US, is working with Google to promote 3D apps for its televisions as it switches to Android from supporting Yahoo’s Connected TV technology. Vizio is also announcing plans to break out from televisions and launch a smartphone and a tablet device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Read more