Daily Archives: September 18, 2011

At every stage of this crisis, Europe’s leaders have done just enough beyond euro-orthodoxy to avoid an imminent collapse, but never enough to establish a sound foundation for a resumption of confidence. Perhaps inevitably, the gaps between emergency summits grow shorter and shorter. But a continuation of the grudging incrementalism of the past two years now risks catastrophe. What was a task of defining the parameters of “too big to fail” has become the challenge of figuring out what to do when important insolvent debtors are too large to save. 

There are many differences between the environment today and the environment in the autumn of 2008, or indeed at any other historical moment. But any student of recent financial history should know that breakdowns that seemed inconceivable at one moment can seem inevitable at the next. There can be no return to the pre-crisis status quo. All nations now have an obligation to insist that Europe find a viable way forward. Read more

The FT’s A-List returns today with a week of debate on the future of Europe’s troubled single currency. Visit the site to read new contributions from Lawrence Summers, Nouriel Roubini, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Mario Monti, Yang Yao and others. Read more