Daily Archives: November 24, 2011

Just when you think the European crisis cannot get much worse, Wednesday’s shunned Bund auction showed that it can. With this, the risks for the global economy as a whole, and for virtually every country, increase materially.

Europe must still stabilise its sovereign debt situation. But this is now far from sufficient. Policymakers must also move quickly to contain banking sector frailties, and do so using a more coherent approach to the trio of capital, asset quality and liquidity. In the eyes of the markets, the capital cushion of Europe’s banking system as a whole is no longer sufficient to support its balance sheet. This concern is not limited to the markets. Judging from their eagerness to dispose of assets, bank managements also believe that balance sheet delevering is key to the institutions’ survival and wellbeing.

Europe must now go well beyond the steps proposed at the October 26 summit. In addition to specifying higher prudential capital ratios, governments must now bully banks to act immediately. Denial, obfuscation and further dithering by policymakers serves only to make the situation even more daunting, and the eurozone’s future more uncertain. Read more