Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

The majority of writers in the ‘Crisis in Capitalism’ series agree that the crisis in capitalism is caused by two distinct failures: the inability of the system to deliver sustained prosperity through economic growth and jobs; and the perception that it is grossly unfair and socially unjust.

To fail on one count is a problem. Yet many would have probably glossed over that, especially those who – erroneously in my view – believe that there are rigid trade-offs between efficiency and equity. However, to fail on both counts, and to do so in such a spectacular manner, is indeed a “crisis.”

Theoretically at least, what has occurred is less a calamity of the system as a whole, and more an issue of how it was run. Yet, four years into the crisis, little has been done to repair the damage coherently and comprehensively and to safeguard the real victims, let alone counter the risk of further costly dislocations. Until this is done, it will be difficult to convince the world that capitalism itself is not the problem. Read more