Daily Archives: March 15, 2012

The markets seem to have coped relatively well with “the biggest sovereign restructuring ever” last week. But they are already focusing on the next possible victim: Portugal’s bond yields have soared to levels close to those on Greek bonds a few months ago. European authorities have publicly declared that Greece was unique and that there will be no more debt restructuring. Undoubtedly, though, they will be tested in the coming months.

The best strategy is to immediately build a firewall that would ensure Greece is an exception. First, it should be recognised right away that Portugal may not be able to return to the markets next year and needs an additional bailout package. Second, the same could be done for Ireland, which requires an additional €80bn. The procedure to allocate these funds should be started right away by the national and European authorities. Third, the size of the EFSF and European Stability Mechanism must be further increased to allow them to provide additional funds to other countries.

Only by acting forcefully, in anticipation of what the markets will focus on next rather than under their pressure, can European authorities convince us that Greece was an exception and prove their commitment to do all that is needed to preserve the euro as a currency. Read more