Daily Archives: April 11, 2012

Credit Rick Santorum with accepting the obvious: he lost. Despite winning 11 primaries, Mr Santorum was always more of an irritant than a plausible contender for the Republican nomination. He surrenders the field having done a meaningful, though not enormous amount of harm to his side.

Mr Romney is none of those things, however, and with Mr Santorum out of the way, he now can get on with the business of challenging Barack Obama. With the primaries unofficially over, the shape of the fall race is fast emerging. Simply stated, Mr Romney is going to run against the Obama economy while Mr Obama runs against Mr Romney himself. Read more

The academic community as a whole is unlikely to move overnight to a new model. The top titles still have a very strong appeal to ambitious researchers, and generate the kind of profit margins that leave room for a fight back. Elsevier has already begun tweaking the pricing structure of a number of its products and can do more as competition intensifies. Read more