Daily Archives: April 26, 2012

This is a very consequential election. As we continue to recover from the largest economic crisis in generations, we still need to strengthen the job market, address large fiscal challenges and build an economy based on sustainable, shared economic growth. Voters should have a chance to choose between clear alternatives. Mr Obama has laid out a multiyear budget embodying his vision for the future, and it has been evaluated by independent experts. It is time for Mr Romney to do the same. Read more

The message is that there is nowhere left for murderous despots to hide. That is an extraordinary step forward in global accountability and responsibility and far outweighs the difficulties of temporarily making it harder to prise a long time offender from office. We should celebrate today’s verdict by copying President Truman’s old White House office desk sign, “The Buck Stops Here” and sending it to all world leaders starting with A for Assad and completing with Z for Zimbabwe. Read more