Daily Archives: October 2, 2012

Politicians at last seem to be getting serious about the need to address the lamentable failings of vocational education in England – shortcomings that mean up to a third of young people today get little or no benefit from education after the age of 16. The government has started the ball rolling with some mostly sensible plans for reform, and now Ed Miliband has outlined how a Labour government would take things further forward. A lot of the detail has yet to be filled in, but the broad direction looks right. Read more

Now that Mikheil Saakashvili has lost Georgia’s election, some will pronounce the “Rose” revolution dead and buried – and that would miss the point entirely. The 2003 popular insurrection in the streets of Tbilisi was never simply the replacement of Eduard Shevardnadze with Mr Saakashvili or of a Soviet-era clique with a post-Soviet generation of leaders. Instead, the Rose revolution, like all genuine revolutions, was the replacement of a sclerotic political order unresponsive to public demand for change with one that at least begins to reflect the aspirations of the people who triggered and sustained it. Read more