Daily Archives: October 15, 2012

Now that the party conference season has drawn to a close, David Cameron must return to the real task of stimulating growth, all the more urgent given the worsening economic and fiscal outlook. One of the most immediate challenges he faces is how to unlock private investment in the power sector as nuclear and coal-fired plants age. Read more

At the tail end of the first Obama administration, Pakistan has shifted from strategic ally of the US to pariah state and Syrians are fighting the bloodiest war ever in the Middle East against the foulest of dictators with no support. The Arab Spring has, by and large, succeeded in slowly changing the attitudes of societies that had lived under one man rule for so long. But there has been no coherent US response. The only consolation for the Muslim world as we look back on Barack Obama’s term in office is that a Republican win would be a much greater disaster for everyone. Read more