Daily Archives: November 21, 2012

Israel needs to put Hamas to the test. It can do this by putting forward the outlines of a fair and comprehensive settlement and a reasonable path for getting there. The US should work closely with Israel in framing this proposal. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton should use her time in Israel to urge this course at the same time she helps piece together a truce. Her goal should be to stimulate a debate in the Arab and Palestinian worlds that would pressure Hamas to change its ways or risk being caught between those who even more radical and those prepared to compromise. Read more

Despite a courageous public stance by the International Monetary Fund, European officials failed again on Tuesday to deal with the critical issue of Greece’s debt sustainability. If this continues, they will undermine yet another bailout package for Greece and suffer further erosion in credibility, especially in the eyes of their own citizens. They also risk seeing another hard-fought cash infusion do little more than buy a few months for a struggling Greek population. Read more