Daily Archives: January 3, 2013

The environmental (and social) costs of unregulated development are now increasingly visible. Hurricane Sandy has brought climate change back into public debate. At a more everyday level, hundreds of millions of people struggle with the consequences of rampant air and water pollution, the depletion of groundwater aquifers, the decimation of forests and the decline of biodiversity. In India and China, in Nigeria and Mexico, villagers battle townsfolk who dump untreated garbage on their lands. Farmers fight other farmers for access to a shrinking water table. Fishermen protest at the gates of a factory that pollutes their river and destroys their fish. Everywhere, infants in cities are treated with steroids to combat pollution-induced asthma, while infants in villages die because of water contaminated by chemicals. Read more

In Britain, the fate of the coalition government continues to hang on what happens to the economy. The prospect of a sustained recovery is forecast by some. This, it is assumed, will lift the country’s mood and the coalition parties’ poll ratings. Equally, others believe that UK growth won’t be looking much different in a year’s time, notwithstanding the rise in employment. In which case the gossip of last summer that George Osborne, UK chancellor will be reshuffled in a straight swap with William Hague at the Foreign Office could become reality. While if things continue to look sticky for Nick Clegg you could see the pressure mounting on him to stand aside for Vince Cable.  Read more