Daily Archives: January 24, 2013

In London, the G20 has rather faded from view since Gordon Brown’s great event in Docklands in the spring of 2009, when a $1tn global stimulus was announced. (We await a final audit of this figure). It is hard to bring to mind any solid achievements to which it can claim credit since then. But in Davos, where Gs x & y are part of the currency of debate over breakfast, it is still alive and kicking. Indeed one reason why there is such a large Russian presence here is that Russia holds the presidency this year. They will be followed by the Australians in 2014. After digesting that recherché fact, who dare suggest that one does not learn interesting things in the Swiss mountains? Read more

David Cameron’s speech on Europe was predominantly tactical. So, too, are the reactions from Berlin and Paris. But the British prime minister’s speech raises questions of broad significance for the whole of the European Union. Should the EU be redefined as a permanently two-level edifice? And if so, how? Read more