Daily Archives: April 30, 2013

Amazon has built its empire on the legitimate advantages it has over retail shopping: an endless range of products at a steep discount and stunningly good customer service. But it has also benefited from one unfair advantage over its bricks-and-mortar competitors: it does not have to charge a sales tax, which American states levy in varying amounts on consumer goods. Depending on where you live in the US, this can save you up to 12 per cent on purchases, making it foolish not to buy online when you can. Read more

After last week’s horrible unemployment numbers from Europe, some may be tempted to downplay the monthly US jobs report coming out this Friday. That would be a big mistake. The data will help shed light on four issues that are central to the wellbeing of both America and the global economy.

First, some context. Almost five years after the global financial crisis began, western economies as a group still struggle to overcome a “new normal” of unusually sluggish growth and persistently high unemployment. The longer this persists, the greater the risk that – rather than serving as a transition to revamped growth and job creation models – the new normal will morph into one or more lost decades with terrible human costs. Read more