Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

The longer we have to reflect on it, the more last November’s Third Plenum of the Chinese Communist party emerges as a watershed. It seems increasingly clear that Xi Jinping, the new party chief, is managing to corral support behind a substantial leap forward from the reforms begun 30 years ago by Deng Xaoping. As state and market continue to jostle for pre-eminence in the leadership’s carefully balanced rhetoric, it would appear that when Mr Xi signals left, he means to turn right.

The plenum was characterised by an interesting metaphor. A senior official told China Daily that while three decades of rapid development had dramatically closed the “hardware” gap between China and the developed world – particularly in the coastal areas in the south – it still had a “software” deficit. While the west focuses on ideas like ‘opening up’ as describing what we want from China, the software metaphor tells us a lot about China’s weaknesses and what it needs from the rest of the world. Read more