Daily Archives: May 14, 2014

Mark Carney brought sporting metaphors back to the Bank of England’s quarterly press conference today, likening the UK’s recent economic progress with England qualifying for the World Cup. It was good news, he said, but the real tournament had yet to begin.

The more worldly members of the press corps then jumped to compare the Bank’s benign forecasts for the economy with the deluded hopes of England’s football fans as they prepare to head off to Brazil. We always think this time will be different, they suggested. And we are almost always wrong. Read more

The five central Asian republics, tied to Russia’s overlordship through a welter of economic and social ties, are all feeling the heat from the crisis in Ukraine.

However it is tiny Kyrgyzstan – landlocked between the mighty powers of Russia and China, and surrounded by unstable neighbours such as Afghanistan and Uzbekistan – that is feeling the heat most. America’s military bases, and its enlarged diplomatic presence in the region will be wound up this year, along with its presence in Afghanistan. Read more