Predictions from the FT’s A-List on the big challenges of 2012

Jeffrey Sachs Welcome to another year of protest and instability
Anne-Marie Slaughter Rolling disruption to revolution: expect turbulence in 2012
Moisés Naím This is the end of a peaceful coexistence with inequality
DeAnne Julius To tax or not to tax: how big should governments be?
Roger Altman A decisive shift in the equation of global energy supply
Jacob Weisberg The battle for online freedom: media nirvana or sollipsistic oblivion?
Mohamed El-Erian It’s time for the IMF to stand up to the European bullies
Ramachandra Guha Look east for answers to Arab democracy
Mark Malloch-Brown The downward slide continues – the great revolt will come later
Yukon Huang China in 2012: fixated on stability as the pressures grow
Michael Ignatieff The year Americans will decide about inequality
Jean Pisani-Ferry Will Europe’s crisis reconcile Asia with the IMF?
Kishore Mahbubani The calls for global leadership will be unanswered
Guest Author Global growth in 2012 will hinge on China’s soft landing
Ahmed Rashid Afghanistan in 2012: escalating violence and a stampede for the exit
Kenneth Rogoff The eurozone will cast a lengthening shadow in 2012
Nouriel Roubini A plea to policymakers: we can’t risk another year of delay