Foreign Policy

Kurt Campbell Threats to peace are lurking in the East China Sea
Ian Bremmer A tech race has started between states and their citizens
Ahmed Rashid America’s war on terror is not yet over
Ian Bremmer Have we reached the turning point in Syria?
Ahmed Rashid Pakistan’s politicians must unite to save the nation
Kurt Campbell In modern Myanmar, the hard grind begins
Kurt Campbell Steps to improve US-China relations
Anne-Marie Slaughter Thatcher’s legacy is Britain’s isolation
Ian Bremmer Prepare for the worst in North Korea
Richard Haass Thatcher knew that foreign policy begins at home
Kurt Campbell America is best to play its long game on North Korea
Kishore Mahbubani Calm in Korea is only a phone call away
Yukon Huang China’s road to becoming a ‘responsible’ world power
Ian Bremmer Why Russia refused to bail out Cyprus
Kurt Campbell America must be responsible in its pivot to Asia
Kurt Campbell China must rein in its cyber assaults
Ian Bremmer Chávez death exposes flaws in China’s foreign policy
Ian Bremmer John Kerry: an able performer in a tough role
Ahmed Rashid The US needs a mediator for Afghanistan
Ian Bremmer Japan has the most to lose from a fallout with China
Jeffrey Sachs Mali is just the latest example of failed western thinking
Peter Mandelson Cameron remains a man without a Europe plan
Mark Malloch-Brown Mali could become France’s Afghanistan
Ahmed Rashid Elections hold key to stability in south Asia
Mark Malloch-Brown A year of living dangerously across the world
David Miliband Europe and Turkey will patch up their relationship
Ian Bremmer World leaders will follow Merkel’s lead
Ahmed Rashid Obama must seize moment for Taliban talks
Michael Ignatieff West may regret lack of support for Syrian rebels
Anne-Marie Slaughter What I learnt from the Arab-Israeli Twitter war
Richard Haass Israel should learn from Northern Ireland
Ian Bremmer Israel is all but alone in the Middle East
Ahmed Rashid Obama can’t neglect Pakistan for four more years
Financial Times Video: The future of Sino-American relations
Kishore Mahbubani Obama’s chance to fashion a new global order
Ahmed Rashid Pakistanis have given up on Obama
Ian Bremmer The regional cost of Syria’s civil war
Ahmed Rashid Obama has failed the youth of the Arab spring
Mark Malloch-Brown A bizarre tribute to Europe’s past shames its present
Ian Bremmer Georgia’s Rose revolution will not wilt
Yukon Huang The economics behind the China-Japan dispute
Michael Ignatieff The lessons of Rushdie’s fatwa years
Ahmed Rashid Time for Pakistan to push Afghan talks with the Taliban
Ian Bremmer Syria’s slow-motion demolition
Moisés Naím Lula should stay out of Venezuela’s election
Richard Haass Beware old troubles in the new Egypt
Ahmed Rashid Pakistan’s problems will only get worse
Michael Ignatieff Drones give democracies no cause for war
Francis Fukuyama How to get out of Afghanistan
Ian Bremmer Video: Danger of a leaderless world

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