Middle East

Ahmed Rashid The Saudis and Pakistan’s strategic shift on Syria
Ahmed Rashid How to define al-Qaeda as it continues its rise
Ian Bremmer Why Turkey is back on the watch list
Ian Bremmer Whose nuclear deal is it anyway?
Ahmed Rashid Strange Impasse – Arabs and Israel see Iran as threat.
Kishore Mahbubani Time for Obama to deploy his cunning in the MidEast
Kurt Campbell American engagement in Asia could help in the Mideast
Richard Haass Iran and the US should start final-status negotiations
Ivo Daalder The real challenge for US-Iran talks lies at home
Ahmed Rashid The outbreak of polio in Syria is an indictment of the civilised world
Ian Bremmer Saudi Arabia’s missed opportunity
Richard Haass A diplomatic dance will be no waltz for either Iran or America
Ahmed Rashid Arab rulers must speak up against sectarianism
Ivo Daalder Russia’s weapons proposal is welcome
Philip Zelikow History shows why we must take action in Syria
David Miliband Syria is following the same script as Afghanistan
Richard Haass America must stick to a course on Syria
Ian Bremmer Stop the politics on Syria
Richard Haass Britain drifts towards isolation
Mark Malloch-Brown Strikes on Syria may now start – but the solutions are not military
Ahmed Rashid Why sectarianism is tearing Muslim societies apart
Richard Haass America must respond to the atrocities in Syria
Ian Bremmer Obama fails to correct Egypt mistake
Ahmed Rashid Al-Qaeda’s new tactic: prison breaks
Mohamed El-Erian Why Egypt’s economy will recover
Richard Haass Egypt’s second chance
Ian Bremmer Have we reached the turning point in Syria?
Mark Malloch-Brown Don’t give up on diplomacy in Syria
Kurt Campbell America must be responsible in its pivot to Asia
Richard Haass What Kerry must do in the Middle East
Mohamed El-Erian Egypt: loud, messy and in charge of its destiny
Anne-Marie Slaughter What I learnt from the Arab-Israeli Twitter war
Richard Haass Israel should learn from Northern Ireland
Ian Bremmer Israel is all but alone in the Middle East
Ian Bremmer The regional cost of Syria’s civil war
Ahmed Rashid Obama has failed the youth of the Arab spring
Michael Ignatieff The lessons of Rushdie’s fatwa years
Ian Bremmer Syria’s slow-motion demolition
Michael Ignatieff Drones give democracies no cause for war
Ian Bremmer The Middle East will suffer from our G-zero world
Ian Bremmer Worry more about North Korea than about Iran
Mark Malloch-Brown Syria needs jaw-jaw, not more war-war
Ian Bremmer Greece could replace Syria as Russia’s Mediterranean friend
Stephen King Oil is the new Greece
Ian Bremmer Iran oil sanctions threaten the global economic recovery
Michael Ignatieff Are we going to sit back and let Homs burn?
Anne-Marie Slaughter Video: What next for Syria?
Ahmed Rashid Talks with the Taliban are the best chance for peace in Afghanistan
Anne-Marie Slaughter How to rescue the Syrian peace plan
Mark Malloch-Brown Syria’s neighbours must be involved in any peace plan

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