Predictions for 2013 from the FT’s A-List

Ahmed Rashid Elections hold key to stability in south Asia
Mark Malloch-Brown A year of living dangerously across the world
Mohamed El-Erian Another year of ineffectual policies
Ramachandra Guha The world won’t be able to ignore environmentalists
Peter Mandelson It could be an interesting year for Osborne and Clegg
Jean Pisani-Ferry The eurozone will muddle through (again)
Yukon Huang China will become a more “normal” economy
Richard Haass US immigration reform will happen – at last
Laura Tyson American manufacturing will bounce back in 2013
David Miliband Europe and Turkey will patch up their relationship
Kishore Mahbubani The east will rise above the west
Ian Bremmer World leaders will follow Merkel’s lead
Anne-Marie Slaughter America will reaffirm its commitment to Europe
DeAnne Julius Another global financial crisis may be on the way
Howard Davies A decisive year for ‘deglobalisation’