Ian Bremmer Obama fails to correct Egypt mistake
Ahmed Rashid Al-Qaeda’s new tactic: prison breaks
Mohamed El-Erian Why Egypt’s economy will recover
Richard Haass Egypt’s second chance
Ahmed Rashid Karzai is part of the problem
Philipp Hildebrand The UK must fix the banks for the next stage of recovery
Ahmed Rashid Pakistan’s politicians must unite to save the nation
Moisés Naím Venezuela: scenes from a democracy
Stephen King Kuroda follows the path of Volcker and Greenspan
Mohamed El-Erian Time for the IMF to follow the Vatican
Richard Haass What Kerry must do in the Middle East
Mark Malloch-Brown Democracy on trial in Kenya
Ian Bremmer John Kerry: an able performer in a tough role
Ahmed Rashid The US needs a mediator for Afghanistan
Moisés Naím The G20 is a sad sign of our uncooperative world
Jacob Weisberg Obama sets a lose-lose trap for Republicans
Yao Yang America’s pivot to Asia will provoke China
Jeffrey Sachs Mali is just the latest example of failed western thinking
Nicholas Stern The tide could be finally turning on climate change action
Mark Malloch-Brown Mali could become France’s Afghanistan
Ramachandra Guha The world won’t be able to ignore environmentalists
Mark Malloch-Brown Cutting aid to Rwanda hurts the poor without solving Africa’s mineral curse
Anne-Marie Slaughter What I learnt from the Arab-Israeli Twitter war
Richard Haass Israel should learn from Northern Ireland
Ian Bremmer Israel is all but alone in the Middle East
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi Fiscal cliff lessons from the eurozone crisis
Yao Yang The first big test for China’s new leaders
Ahmed Rashid Obama can’t neglect Pakistan for four more years
Kishore Mahbubani Obama’s chance to fashion a new global order
Mohamed El-Erian Post-election déjà vu for markets?
Jeffrey Sachs How to make rich countries pay for climate change
Yukon Huang Three choices facing China’s new leaders
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi The IMF has not rejected austerity
Lawrence Summers The world is stuck in a vicious cycle
Mark Malloch-Brown A bizarre tribute to Europe’s past shames its present
Moisés Naím What Mitt Romney could learn from Henrique Capriles
Ian Bremmer Georgia’s Rose revolution will not wilt
George Soros Rule of law can rid the world of poverty
Michael Ignatieff The lessons of Rushdie’s fatwa years
Yukon Huang The real meaning of more bad news from China
Ahmed Rashid Time for Pakistan to push Afghan talks with the Taliban
Ahmed Rashid Pakistan’s army is in the mood for a change
Moisés Naím Lula should stay out of Venezuela’s election
Michael Ignatieff Drones give democracies no cause for war
Kishore Mahbubani Forget the G8, the US needs a China-India summit
Ian Bremmer Video: Danger of a leaderless world
Mark Malloch-Brown The Charles Taylor verdict shows that future despots have nowhere left to hide
Kishore Mahbubani The west must work to understand a new world order
Mohamed El-Erian The first decision Kim should make at the World Bank
Mark Malloch-Brown Syria needs jaw-jaw, not more war-war

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