Daily Archives: November 8, 2006

I spent yesterday evening in New York, watching the mid-term election results roll in on television. It was clear who the real stars of the evening were – and wasn’t the politicians. It was the pundits.
There is even less turn-over in the American punditocracy than in the United States Congress. It’s almost 15 years since I last lived in the States, but the same faces are still on television, holding forth: Brit Hume, Cokie Roberts, Juan Williams, Larry King, Bob Schieffer, Bill Kristol etc etc. Some of them now seem to have strangely immobile faces, which I take to be evidence of the long-term effects of too much botox. But after hours of gawping at the television, the most succinct summary of the night’s events came from the elderly Jamaican taxi driver, who drove me home – "The Republicans are being whupped."

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