Daily Archives: June 18, 2008

I wonder whether Britain is about to sour on the Afghan war in a big way. The recent conjunction of events is bad.

This week we have a visit to Britain by the ever popular, George W. Bush – followed by an announcement that British troop levels in Afghanistan are about to be raised once again. The British death toll has passed 100 and four more deaths have been announced today. Read more

Ths time last year, I was about to head off to Brussels to an EU summit. The top item on the agenda was an effort to rescue the European Union constitution, after defeats in the French and Dutch referendums. The result was the document that became known as the Lisbon Treaty.Now I am about to head off to Brussels for another EU crisis summit – this time designed to rescue the Lisbon Treaty after its defeat in the Irish referendum.

These people never learn. But then that is why they can keep going. They are like the proverbial goldfish, endlessly circling their bowl – and constantly surprised and delighted by the view. Read more