Daily Archives: August 25, 2008

The Democratic party will whip up some euphoria in Denver this week. But a dark cloud of anxiety hovers over the party convention.

A horrible truth is beginning to dawn on the Democrats. Barack Obama is not the “once in a generation” political genius they thought they had discovered. On the contrary, he is a weak candidate for the presidency. Read more

Such is the crush of people here in Denver that the FT, in common with many other media organisations, has had to rent a house for an exorbitant sum of money.

There are five of us here in the FT house: me, Ed Luce, Clive Crook, Andrew Ward and Stephanie Kirchgaessner from the Washington office. As the last arrival, I got the last pick of bedrooms. There was much sniggering as I was ushered to my boudoir. I do not use the word lightly. My bed has satin sheets decorated with a leopard-skin motif. I have never slept on satin before and I can say that it is a truly revolting experience. But Clive says that I will come to love it – and that by the end of the week, I will be unable to sleep on anything else. Read more