Daily Archives: August 28, 2008

Here in Denver there are two Georgias. There is the state of Georgia, which looks like it is going to go Republican. And there is the nation of Georgia, which has been invaded by Russia. The Obama people are worried by both situations.

As far as the conflict with Russia goes, one Obama fan worries that – “This is not a good issue for us. McCain has been so tough on Russia that if we harden our position, it just looks like me-tooism. But if we don’t, it looks weak.” Needless to say the Obama people think that this is terribly unfair – and with some reason. They can point to reams of Obama statements issued well before the crisis, which were prescient and tough. But impressions are everything. Read more

The music at party conventions is very carefully selected to tailor with the message. So last night in the hall, we were all serenaded with the disco hit “We are Family”, as the Biden grand-children and grandparents cavorted on stage.

That left me wondering who selected the music for Bill Clinton. The former president gave a brilliant speech, totally overshadowing Biden. But whose bright idea was it to play the Hall and Oates hit, “Addicted to Love” as he left the stage?

Barack Obama shot to national prominence four years ago at the Democratic Party convention with a ringing and patriotic appeal for national unity. In its most famous passage, Mr Obama lambasted the idea that the US is bitterly divided between red (Republican) and blue (Democratic) states and declared: “We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the Stars and Stripes.”

Senator Obama would be well advised to hit the same themes tonight, in his speech accepting the party’s nomination for the presidency. For one looming threat for the Democrats is that their convention in Denver might come across to voters watching on television as a gathering of sectional, grievance-bearing, liberal interests. Read more